Website Setup

After you have completed and sent us the Website Enrollment Request Form, you will receive an email indicating either Approval or Rejection of your request. Any reason for rejection will be explained in that email.

As will be mentioned in your Approval Notice, the bill for the Setup Fee will be sent via PayPal. In order to continue the process, your Setup Fee must be paid at this time. When we have received payment for the Setup Fee, work on your website can continue.

When the Setup Fee has been received, the Website Security Key will be provided. Please save this information and keep it in a safe place because you will need it to access the Setup Tools and later the Maintenance Tools. The Security Key is a complex string of characters, but it can easily be copied and pasted where needed.

Please Note: You will not be able to use any of the Website Setup Tools until the Setup Fee has been paid and your Subdomain Name appears in the dropdown list of names on the Sign-In form.

For a preview of the tools available, use the button to try out the tools on our Sample Websites without any changes being saved.

To perform setup operations on your website, go to the Sign In page to access the Setup Tools.

After all of your setup information has been completed, you will use the "Setup Approval" tool to approve your work and request that the website be made available to the public. Remember to use the "Setup Approval" tool only when you are satisfied with your work. There may be several exchanges between you and DaySpeakOrg during this time using the "Consultation Request" before everything completely comes together for you. Don't worry. It's a necessary part of the process.

However, once you have approved your new website, the setup phase is done. No further setup changes will be allowed except through Website Maintenance Tools found on the Website Maintenance page.

Maintenance Fees are paid in advance each month, so after you have Approved the website, you will receive an email along with a billing from PayPal notifying you to pay the first month maintenance fee. After this maintenance fee payment has been received through PayPal, your website will be made available to the public and you will be able to access the Maintenance Tools.

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