It is the purpose or mission of DaySpeak.org to help individuals* and individual non-profit organizations* spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world — one web-page at a time.

For You:
With a very small investment, we will help you establish a single-page website that will be seen and read around the world. Here we have provided the tools and instruction to help you get started.

You do not need to know anything about establishing your page or creating anything. Just provide us with some information and perhaps a picture or logo, then decide what color scheme you would like the world to associate with you or your organization. The work will be completed from the information provided to us. If you don't have an image or a logo available, then we can help you with creating one at a minimal cost to you.
  • See a description of the possible content for your website on the FEATURES page.
  • Look at what our clients have by viewing their website links on the CLIENTS page.
  • Check out the Website Template examples that we have provided on the SAMPLES page to see what template might suit your needs.
  • Find out more details on the WEBSITE page, including PRICING, ENROLLMENT, SETUP and MAINTENANCE information.
  • Check out our PRICING page for a pleasant surprise: IT'S TOTALLY AFFORDABLE!!
We have included comprehensive PDF files of instructions that you can download and print so that creating and maintaining your website will be a "breeze" and lots of fun to create. You will see it "take shape" right in front of your eyes.

First, Look around this site starting at the FEATURES page and read all the information we have provided for you. Get a feel for what we have to offer, then let us help you in your Mission to spread the Message of Salvation to Your Town, your Community - to the Entire World.

May God Bless You and multiply your endeavors in His service!

The Staff at DaySpeakOrg

*Evangelists, Churches, Schools/Sports Organizations, Community Service Organizations, Help Organizations, etc.

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