The Website that we can create for you will have the following features:

  • Main Image across the top (up to 500x300 pixels) of the page or at the side (up to 300x500 pixels) of the page on either the left or right side, depending upon the template. If you don't have a logo or picture you want to use, we can create one for you.

  • Welcome Message area that can be as long (vertically) as you wish. This is where you provide a greeting and the details about yourself or your organization.

  • Contact Info area is for your communication with the public. This will show name, address, phone number, fax number, cell number and email, plus any of the following options:
    • A Facebook icon can be displayed for access to a Facebook account.

    • A Twitter icon can be displayed for access to a Twitter account.

    • A Get Directions button can be displayed that will open a new page to a map to get directions to your location.

  • Other options available:
    • If desired, a Special Email list can be displayed that provides additional email addresses on your website for special communications with you or your staff. Each email address can also have some extra text below it to explain the purpose of the email address. You are allowed a maximum of 5 email addresses.

    • A Special Events Calendar button can be displayed that is linked to a Google account public calendar. If you already have a Google gmail account, then you can set up a public calendar with that account and use it on your website. If you don't have a Google gmail account, then one can be set up for you to create the calendar for your website. You can then maintain the calendar to keep it current with your special events.

    • If desired, a Weekly Schedule of events can be displayed.

    • A Special Announcement can be shown for a specified period of time.

    • If there are links for websites that are important to you, they can be displayed under the Resources area.

    • You may share up to 5 PDF documents under the My Documents area.

    • The Audio File feature is available for you so you can share an auditory testimony, sermon, song, etc. accessible under the My Audio area.

    • A Share option provides a special tool that allows your website viewers to share your page on all the different social media available.

Once all your decisions have been made and you have completed all the Enrollment and Setup steps, your new Website will be made public and easily accessed with your own custom URL (internet address for a website) using any internet browser.

The URL has two parts: a Subdomain (example: xxx) and a Domain (example: dayspeak.org). When put together, they form a complete URL (xxx.dayspeak.org) that directs your browser to a specific website.

You can create a Subdomain of your choice which will become your Website Address. Your new URL will consist of your choice of 'name' , such as "mychurchname" that will be combined with dayspeak.org to make your complete URL (mychurchname.dayspeak.org).

    Subdomain: 1stbaptistchurchofcharleston
    URL:           1stbaptistchurchofcharleston.dayspeak.org

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