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There are currently 4 templates (see Samples page) from which to choose for your website. Some templates are intended to be used for an individual and others for an organization. Templates intended to be used for an individual do not include a Weekly Schedule area on the website. However, there is no restriction of which template can be used by either an individual or an organization. If you are an organization with a weekly schedule and you choose an 'Individual' template, you will still be able to create a weekly schedule tailored to your specific needs. The Template Number will be specified as part of the enrollment process. During the Setup Process for a website, the Color Scheme will be chosen for Text, Links and Backgrounds.

Please refer to the Pricing page for Setup costs.

Website Enrollment Process
  1. Please note that all information and materials, including images, that are submitted for a Website become the property of DaySpeakOrg, LLC and are not returnable, even if an account has been closed. It is also imperative that you know that DaySpeakOrg, LLC uses and protects any information that you give DaySpeakOrg, LLC. We will not give, sell, or rent this information to any outside parties. DaySpeakOrg, LLC is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected.

  2. To sign up for a Website, use the button to access the Website Enrollment Request Form. This form will provide the basic content for the website (including a Template Number) and the Account Contact information for billing. Be sure to view the Samples page so you know which Template Number you wish to use for your website.

  3. Unless specified otherwise on the Enrollment Form, the Website will be listed on the Clients page along with the name and city of the client (you). Having an entry on the Clients page will assist search engines in cataloging your website. This will greatly improve your exposure helping others find 'you' more readily.

  4. Once the Website Enrollment Request Form has been received and approved, the Setup Fee will be billed to the Account Contact via PayPal.

  5. When the Setup Fee has been received, an email will be sent to the Account Contact with instructions to continue with the 'setup' of your website. If a Custom Image needs to be created, that can be negotiated at this time.

  6. During the Setup process, you will be able to view your website. For details on the Setup Process, please view the Website Setup page or download the Setup Manual. When you decide that the website meets with your approval, use the Setup Tool to Approve the website.

  7. Once we have received your approval of the website design, a Subdomain will be created with the 'name' you have chosen so that the public will be able to access the website directly.

  8. Updates can be made to the content of your website using the Maintenance Tools.

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